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Knot Relay  
Minute Man Challenge accepted
Minute Man Challenge accepted

The current troop record is held by Tyler P, 36.91 seconds.

If you can beat it then your name will go here, you have to tie the below list of knots in any order using one or more ropes no knot has to be untied before beginning the next. (your choice)

  1. Square Knot
  2. Half Hitch
  3. Taught Line
  4. Bowline
  5. Clove Hitch
  6. Timber Hitch
  7. Sheet Bend
  8. Sheep Shank
  9. Figure Eight
  10. Overhand


Current standing by Rank
Year Tenderfoot Second Class First Class  Star and Above
2012 Not Taken Not Taken Not Taken Not Taken


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